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  • Pete Bainbridge

Slow Progress

It’s getting there...but between work (the lead up to EOFY is always the busiest time for me), and all the usual podcast cycles, and of course trying to have a social life, I get very little time to work on the art unfortunately. I’ll be dropping updates on the blog as and when I get time to make some progress. The below is the fruit of about 3hrs labour tonight, give or take.

Apart from that - it’s business as usual for the podcast. We just uploaded Ep6, and I’m in the process of listening to it back for the first time (because I frequently don’t get the time to check it when I’m editing it, but then we are so organised these days in terms of flow I don’t really need to), and the video footage from the same episode is filling up almost 500GB on my PC waiting for me to edit that too (which takes way longer than the audio). Keep an eye out for that this coming week on YouTube.

There is one other thing going on - the damn RSS feed for the podcast seems to be a bit fucked at the moment… for those interested, publishing a podcast involves paying a hosting company to store each audio file somewhere online, then using their functionality to attach metadata (like the episode name, artwork, season and episode number, etc). The whole show then gets packaged up into an XML-formatted RSS feed that tells various podcast directories (such as iTunes, Spotify, etc) how to display the show, what the episodes are called, and where the core files are stored. When you open iTunes and click on an episode, what you’re actually doing is reading the metadata from the RSS file, nicely formatted by iTunes, and then accessing the audio file on our hosting server (iTunes and all the rest of the podcast directories don’t actually store the audio at all).

So, in order to launch this website, I had to move the location of the RSS feed - it was previously using our website URL, but obviously that wasn’t going to work when we wanted the URL for an actual website. Well, it appears iTunes has accommodated the new RSS feed location without issues, as has TuneIn (after I updated some settings on their website). But Spotify, Google/Android and Amazon? Nothing… their interface for updating podcast info is shithouse, and while the podcast is still displaying on their directories, the RSS feed obviously hasn’t been updated for them yet because the latest episode isn’t being displayed. No idea how to fix it either yet - I’m hoping time will sort it out automatically, but otherwise I’m going to have to do some research at some point. Fucking annoying!

Anyways, back to drawing I guess. Very likely no-one is reading this shit anyway! Lol


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