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New Artwork in progress

After Tom joined the podcast as a regular host, I began the process of drawing him as Cap as you now see him in all our images. The approach was quite different to the original artwork, as rather than clicking around with a mouse in Illustrator (as I did with Kratos/Dan and DrWho/myself), I actually drew it out on an iPad Pro. I’m far from artistic, but I ended up with what I felt to be a far better final image; notwithstanding Cap actually has legs and hands, whereas the other two are pretty much torso and head for the purposes of the single image you see.

So, that leaves me with a problem - three characters, one of which looks far better and is far more “finished” than the others. What to do about it? Redraw the others of course!

Why bother, and why does it matter? Well, there’s a few reasons… the new website could certainly benefit from a few more images, for a start. We also want to do some swag for our fans, and just taking the image we already have and slapping it on the back of a shirt or hoodie seems to miss an opportunity to do some cooler shit we can’t do with just heads and torsos. There’s one other idea I have in my head to use the artwork for, but I can’t talk about that yet as it may not work out (or I may just never get the time). So over the next few months, between crazy work commitments alongside the core podcast activity itself, I’ll be redesigning and redrawing all our artwork.

Kratos is almost done, except Dan refuses to let me take some reference photos of his face until he gets a haircut, and we just never seem to line up a recording night at the right time. He’s also not “posed” yet, I’m just focusing on getting the core artwork down, so I can then go back and move things around to adjust his pose to suit whatever various elements we want him to be in. I have the same work to do on Cap actually - his current look is cool, but I want different poses for different purposes.

And I’ve literally just started on my own new artwork, though I’ve moved away from Doctor Who as the pop-culture reference and towards something that i gravitate to just as much but I think will look better in the long run. Leave a comment if you know who it is based on the really rough and unfinished sketch below.

Kratos so far, without a head, axe or shield:

Really rough and unfinished sketch for my own piece, just to thrash out proportions for the core artwork:


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