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About Us

Ever sat around a table with your friends, usually after a couple of drinks, and debated, in gory and mostly mis-informed detail, whether Batman would kick Wolverine's arse in a fight? Watched your mate don a pair of VR goggles for the first time, and knowing full well he has a mortal fear of heights, thrown him into a VR game that puts him right on the edge of a skyscraper, looking straight down? Enjoy the vast array of nuanced flavours of various craft\independent beers and avoid "mass-produced" like the plague?

That's who we are... we just threw some microphones, and more recently, some video cameras in front of us to capture the stupidity (and hopefully hilarity) of it all, and launched a podcast!

Our podcast focuses on all the pop-culture we grew up loving, but before it was cool to read comics or play video games (everyone's an expert on Spiderman's history now they made a bunch of movies!). Comic books, novels, movies, TV series, video games and consoles, the technology underpinning it all. Occasionally board games and music too. 

And to lubricate the discussion? Independent beer! Mostly from Australia and NZ; but we have a strong passion for well-crafted beer from pretty much anywhere. One of our hosts is an award-winning brewer who has judged many Australian beer competitions, one runs a craft beer bar and has brewed collab beers with some of the country's finest breweries, the third is a novice who has enjoyed the journey of learning about the industry throughout the podcasts' history.

We also frequently invite guest hosts, both from the craft-beer industry in Australia, and\or who can add some flavour to the pop-culture conversation, so you never know what you're going to end up with. Our conversations drift off-topic more often than not. But then, like we said, we're just a bunch of mates sitting around a table, half-drunk and talking shit - we just added microphones!

One final word of warning - we swear. A lot. And we are unapologetic in our lack of political correctness. We hold the concepts of equality and inclusion in society as an absolute minimum expectation, but we aren't shy of making fun of snowflakes. Or teasing Vegans (though they're an unfair target given their diet). Or taking the piss out of anything really! But it's good-natured fun - we love all you guys equally!

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