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Website Activated!

Ok, so you’re probably asking yourself - why does a podcast need a website? It’s a question I asked myself for a long while after we launched Pixels & Pints (and Bounty Hunter Banter was no more). The old BHB website took a lot of manual effort to keep up to date, and between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the podcast audio feed itself, surely we had enough “presence“ already?

But the question itself also contains the answer: we have lots of places we post different kinds of content, but we wanted somewhere we could bring it all together - a Hub, if you will.

So here it is! Our new little home. From here you’ll be able to see our latest image posts to Instagram (Facebook has always been a clone in terms of content anyway), our YouTube videos, get a little more insight into your hosts, and of course, listen to the podcast itself. You can also contact us directly if you have any feedback about any of our antics, and of course, you’ll find links to all the various dark corners of the internet we’ve posted the original content.

This is Your Place!

Yes, our website consolidates all the various content we're spewing in various other places all over the interwebs; but at the end of the day, it's really here to provide you with a voice when it comes to Pixels & Pints. Have a suggestion for content we should cover in our next recording? Have feedback on what you love or hate about our show? Want to correct something that came out of Pete's mouth without a link to reality? Want us to review a specific beer, graphic novel, video game or movie? Do you run a venue and wouldn't mind a little bit of mutual publicity by having us record from there? Or are you crazy enough to want to be a guest host on an upcoming episode and have something you think you can bring to the show in terms of relevant content?

Well, we want to hear from you! Head on over to the Contact page from the menu and drop us a line. And don't be shy either - constructive criticism is very welcome and probably the single most useful thing we could receive in order to improve our content!

But Wait - There’s More

Yep, we’ve got way more content planned! Seriously. We've been bouncing some ideas around for a little while now, and once the website is in a place we want it to be in (as a starting point anyway), we'll start crystalising those ideas into actual content. So, nothing is final at this stage, but some of the things we've discussed are:

  • Updated artwork (ok, this one is definite, you'll see more of this soon)

  • Swag. Yep, we'll be adding a page shortly that will allow you to show your support for the show by wearing our artwork on a shirt, hoodie or a range of other things.

  • Donation\Sponsorship Page. This one's a bit controversial to us, and we'll take our time to get this right. We've always run this exclusively as a hobby, and we'll never compromise the integrity of our opinion on anything for the sake of advertising; but it does cost a chunk of change to host and maintain the content. We've got absolutely zero intention to stop anytime soon regardless, but if people are fans and want to show their support with a dollar or two, then we'd be hugely grateful. We're not quite sure how we'll structure it yet, but Patreon is a possibility, as there's plenty of ideas for exclusive content bouncing around that we could easily bring to sponsors as a way of saying thank you.

Like I said, there's loads of new stuff coming soon, so make sure you watch this space as it'll be updated pretty regularly as we progress thoughts into plans into execution. Hopefully without breaking anything (or killing anyone) along the way. Stay tuned!

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