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We've had several guest hosts on the podcast over the years, and even had a primary host choose to refocus their attention on other aspects of life (this is a hobby after all!), but your regular anchor hosts are currently:

Dan Shaw

Dan is our resident beer expert! With over twenty years in the hospitality industry and over ten brewing Aussie craft beer, Dan is a well-known and respected industry personality with a focus on quality and a passion for pushing the boundaries on the flavours that can be extracted from our favourite amber beverage. His knowledge of beer runs deep, he's judged national beer brewing awards, and has collaborated with numerous craft breweries around the country.

Outside of his extensive knowledge of beer, Dan has a passion for comics and graphic novels (with Batman a particular favourite), the Star Wars franchise, numerous video games (the Witcher series stands out) and metal music. 

Dan's also an avid "craftsman", and after building an entire Mandalorian suit of armour out of foamcore in his garage, is presently working on a full metal version as his next side-project.

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Pete Bainbridge

Pete Circle.png

Our resident IT nerd, Pete's been running the tech, editing and producing the podcast since the very beginning. With a passion for the latest tech gadgets and gizmos, Pete's always been a bit excessive (a bit?) when it comes to the gear we use. During the day, Pete works as an enterprise architect for an IT company, so juggling audio gear, multiple video cameras and a bunch of lighting is right up his alley!

As the only host currently on the podcast who's never worked in the hospitality industry at all, Pete's entire craft beer journey has essentially unfolded on the podcast. From Season 1, where he described practically every beer as "easy to drink", his lexicon has expanded (mildly) to include overuse of words such as "astringency", "back-palate", and "pine notes".

When Pete's not working or editing podcast episodes, he can usually be found playing video games (favourites include Assassin's Creed, Fallout and Witcher 3 thanks to Dan), watching primarily sci-fi (we've had to limit how often he mentions Doctor Who on the podcast!), reading comics (Marvel > DC!) or researching the next ridiculously expensive gadget we don't actually need for the podcast!

Tom Pigott

Tom was originally a guest host on the podcast, but his encyclopedic knowledge of all things Star Wars, passion for Marvel comics, desire to expose himself more than once to our stupidity, and quite frankly, easy access to craft beer saw him take his rightful place as a core host quite recently.

Tom manages a craft bar in Sydney and has worked with some of Sydney's best craft breweries on collaborative beer projects, so his knowledge of the industry, it's key players, and craft beer in general is extensive.

Outside of pouring some of Sydney's finest brews, Tom likes to unwind in front of his Playstation 4 (with his recently-acquired massive TV!), watching the latest Marvel cinematic masterpiece, reading the latest Star Wars novel or comic, or posting crazily cute pics of his dog on Instagram!

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